Using social media, mainstream media, collaborations with professional and amateur media makers and artists, I have helped organize and facilitate community storytelling guided by narrative strategy.

Through multiple campaigns, short films, photo series, and written works we have used collective storytelling to disrupt oppressive power structures.



This was not an expose because nothing in these stories was a revelation for those working in the fashion industry. Instead it was the beginning of a power shift. Over the course of 48 hours in November, 2017 hundreds of models came forward with stories of sexual harassment and assault, their anonymous voices were shared through the social media accounts of over 70 fashion influencers. This brought the #MeToo movement to Fashion.

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Interrupt was the first participatory magazine of its kind. A new editor-in-chief and editorial staff take over each issue. We find storytellers, with a focus on youth marginalized and misrepresented by mainstream media, who have unique life experiences that make them incredible curators and thought-leaders. By resourcing them with the assets of a magazine -- office space, editors, graphic designers, photographers, filmmakers, and artists -- we co-create content that delights, intrigues, and inspires our audience. 

The project was born after hundreds of women responded to an open letter Cameron Russell wrote asking, “What would you say if you had access to mass media?”  after her TED talk on privilege and access to media went viral . Through this new project, the New York Times reported, Interrupt hopes to "share the press with some women who really are doing fantastic things" -- offering the limelight to people who wouldn't necessarily be offered it otherwise -- and the results, reports CNN, are “changing the conversation.”

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You might not recognize their names and faces yet, but the leaders in this series are fighting to save the world, and if we survive climate change, their names will be celebrated, they will have delivered us through our most challenging time.

Their stories and portraits were shared with over 100 million people on instagram through the accounts of currently famous women as part of the #MakeTheseWomenFamous campaign.

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we are the youth

We partnered with frequent collaborator, photographer Laurel Golio, and her journalist partner Diana Scholl, in order to amplify their existing online effort We Are The Youth. We're helping them determine an innovative and provocative presentation of stories, informed by our experience navigating new media, zine culture and mainstream media formats. 

We Are the Youth is a photographic journalism project chronicling the individual stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth in the United States. The project addresses the lack of visibility of LGBT young people by providing a space to share stories in an honest and respectful way.

We believe there is world-changing potential in sharing the stories of LGBT and queer youth to a large audience in a widely accessible format.

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